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Two of history of the Moscow Nudists

We present here two stories Nudists living in Moscow. Dima, mechanical engineer, 31 years Without clothes I feel comfortable. Nudity for me is the usual working uniform. I, for example, in the subway and think: get home now (I live in a communal apartment), and there, finally, naked. I have a neighbor, who was 38 years old, and she was sympathetic to my habit of walking around naked. However, she does not want to undress, and nudist beach never agree to go, how I persuaded, even the pictures shown of beaches. Sunbathing naked I started back in summer camp, I'm just annoyed white belt remaining from the heats.
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The naturists in the Silver forest

A short blonde in a blue swimsuit timidly looked at naked people on the beach and hesitantly asked his companion: - To strip will? A tall guy without a shadow of shyness pulled off red panties and said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and once you try it. The girl immediately followed the example of his friend and freed from the swimsuit, but out of a sense of shame lay on his stomach on a towel. Well, we can assume that they have devoted to the Nudists. More would be nice small dashes to get to the water and hide there. Fearless and bold, the couple chose to
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Nudism – a double benefit

Who are the Nudists seem to know everything.
However, just in case we give the definition. Nudists are people who feel more comfortable naked than in a snazzy suit. But whether or not Nudism is a form of mental disorder? Or to go without clothes is a perfectly natural, normal human desire, which should be considered other members of modern society? Craving for Nudism in any case is not some psychological deviation. And even more - a form of mental disorder. To what extent such disorders include exhibitionism, however, and in this case is not so clear. The key difference between Nudism and exhibitionism is that its goal is to shock others with your nakedness, to draw attention to himself. But Nudism is, first and foremost, a state of mind. Your desire to get rid of clothes they meet in specially designated areas, in most cases, Nudist beaches or other secluded natural areas.
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World naturist day: how and when to celebrate?

In June of each year, the adherents of the "naked" lifestyle, naturists and Nudists officially celebrate their holiday. However, "naturist days", actually, several. Many domestic fans to be naked are not averse to arrange a celebration for other dates, because in the calendar there are still many days that can be held naked. As they say, would occasion. The second Sunday of June, world Day world naturist This is an international holiday, established by Federation of naturism, established under UNESCO. The Russian adherents of naturism can celebrate it legitimately, as our country since 1995, is a full member of this international organization.
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What does it mean to be a Nudist?

Once I was sitting in the company of Nudists and drank tea with jam of raspberries. As expected in this society, we were completely naked. All of a sudden one of my companions-nudists accidentally touched my elbow, and the tea I knocked over. At this point I regret that I have no clothes, because whether it is me, the burn would not be so painful. However, someone from the company tried to find even in this incident the positive moment, saying, "You're lucky you had no clothes on – spilled tea will be absorbed into the skin tissue of your loins and make it more young". After a minute, when I stood under the shower and washed his flushed and not much rejuvenated loins, I thought
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How my mom got rid of the swimwear

How then, in August of 1995 I went with mom for a week or two to unwind and relax by the sea. By the way, in Yalta we've had a chance to visit before. It was during his school years, when I was vacationing here in the camp, and my mother was working right there in the kitchen. This time we decided to stay in the private sector closer to the sea. Rested after the train, we, of course, decided as quickly as possible to go to the open sea. And in the evening of the same day we met with our neighbor Victoria and her daughter angelina. They arrived two hours before us and settled down in the neighbors room. Victoria was under forty, and Angela was just finishing school. Our neighbor was surprisingly pretty sociable and cheerful people, and the next day we went to sea. Arriving at the public beach, Victoria suggested that we go to their favorite daughter place. According to her, the people there almost never happens, and so you can safely sunbathe without clothes. Of course, my mom considered themselves modern women, but until this moment, no clothes to sunbathe, as it is not necessary.
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